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Charlie Giattino

Charlie Giattino completed his PhD in Neuroscience at Duke while a DCLT Fellow in 2017-2019. His dissertation research focused on using electroencephalography (EEG) to understand the brain basis of cognitive functions such as attention, working memory, and even our conscious awareness of the world, most recently by applying machine learning (ML) techniques to decode brain activity.

As a DCLT Fellow, Charlie worked with Director Jeff Ward to develop legal and policy solutions for mitigating harm from the malicious use of AI, primarily by exploring how public health approaches to dealing with systemic risk (e.g., from infectious disease) can be usefully applied to the AI context.

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Keith Porcaro

Keith Porcaro is a lawyer and technologist. An adjunct professor at Georgetown Law, he teaches a class on Criminal Justice Technology, Policy, and Law. Keith is also an affiliate at Harvard's Berkman Klein Center and a technology consultant for nonprofits and legal aid organizations.

Previously, Keith was CTO/General Counsel at SIMLab, where he helped governments, legal aid organizations, and other nonprofits use technology to make services more accessible.

Keith has a JD from Duke Law School and a BSFS from Georgetown University's School of Foreign Service.


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