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  • Book Reviews: Airpower in the War Against ISIS, 112 Joint Force Quarterly (, at 122)  (reviewing Benjamin S. Lambeth, Airpower in the War Against ISIS (2021))
  • The Law of Armed—and Unmanned—ConflictModern War Institute: Commentary & Analysis ()
  • Finding the Right U.S. Defense Leaders, Just Security ()
  • Clarifying the Law of Military Orders, CAAFlog ()
  • Reasonable People Can Differ on Trump’s Military Justice Actions, Small Wars Journal ()
  • Trump’s Military Pardons Not Likely to Hurt Morale, Discipline, Breaking Defense ()
  • Where Luke Hartig and I Agree on Drones (it’s More Than You Might Think), Just Security ()
  • Body Counts Are Terrible Way for the Public to Assess US Counter-Terrorism Operations, Just Security ()
  • The Golsteyn Case and Civilian Oversight in Military Justice, Lawfare ()
  • A Qualified Defense of Matthew Whitaker, Lawfare ()
  • Can We Talk? The Obligation of Military Service, War on the Rocks ()
  • Why Larger Defense Budgets Don’t Need to Come at the Expense of “Soft Power”, Just Security ()
  • Let’s Temper the Rhetoric About Civil-Military Relations, Small Wars Journal ()
  • Yes, There are Plausible Legal Rationales for the Syria Strikes, Lawfare ()
  • Want to Save Teens? Driving Restrictions Could Save at Least as Many Lives as Gun Control, The Hill ()
  • Let’s Leave “Crisis” and “Emergency” for the Real Thing, Just Security ()
  • The Case for a Big, Beautiful Military Parade, The Atlantic ()
  • No, Ceasefires and Armistices Are Not “Outmoded”, Just Security ()
  • Understanding War-Sustaining Targeting: A Rejoinder to Iulia Padeanu, YJIL Forum ()
  • Why a Russia Probe May Make the Left Squirm, Too, Not Just the Right, The Hill ()
  • Trump's Cabinet of Ex-Generals will Help Keep Him Out of Wars, Not Push Him Into One, Vox ()
  • It's Wrong to Suppress the Military Vote, Hill ()
  • A Pardon for Patraeus, Washington Times ()
  • Why Doesn't the ABA Consider Discrimination Based on Military or Veteran Status to be an Ethics Violation?, Just Security ()
  • Do Both Candidates Support More Aggressive Material Support Litigation?, Lawfare ()
  • The Moral Hazard of Inaction in War, War on the Rocks ()
  • Legally Speaking, the NATO Treaty Does Not Require the U.S. to "Automatically" Use Force to Defend Allies, Small Wars Journal ()
  • Brexit and National Security? Keep Calm and Carry On, Lawfare ()
  • A Few Words about Memorial Day and More, Lawfire ()
  • Is the U.S. Military Strategy Doing More Harm or Good in the Middle East?, Conversation ()
  • Yes, We Can Lawfully Target Islamic State Trainees Preparing to Conduct Terrorist Attacks in Europe an Elsewhere, Just Security ()
  • Getting the Law Right on Carpet Bombing and Civilian Casualties, War On the Rocks ()
  • Why Can't the Media be More Transparent about Drones?, Hill ()
  • Trump's Campaign Rhetoric, ISIS and the Law of War, Conversation ()
  • Can Hillary's Email Troubles Stop Her From Being President? Maybe, But Not Necessarily for the Reason You May Think, Lawfire ()
  • Facts that may be Surprising About the U.S. Defense Budget, Herald-Sun ()
  • Human Shields: The Dialogue Continues, Just Security ()
  • Military Commissions and Fairness, Just Security ()
  • A Better Way to Protect Civilians and Combatants than Weapons Bans: Strict Adherence to the Core Principles of the Law of War, Intercross Blog ()
  • Russians May Have a Strong Case in Turkish Shootdown, The Hill ()
  • Outsourcing Military Discipline is Bad for Everyone, War On the Rocks ()
  • Honor, Morality, and the DOD Law of War Manual, Just Security ()
  • Drones Versus Their Critics: A Victory for President Obama's War Powers Legacy?, Small War Journal ()
  • Civilianizing Military Justice? Sorry, It Can't -- And Shouldn't -- Work, War On the Rocks ()
  • Let's Get Facts on Afghan Hospital Incident Before Declaring a War Crime, Hill ()
  • The New York Times, Dangerously Uninformed, VS. the Military, Hill ()
  • Let's Balance the Argument about the DOD Law of War Manual and Targeting, Just Security ()
  • Is the Military Option to Strike Iran (Legally) on the Table?, Hill ()
  • With New Ransom Policy, Obama is Thinking with His Heart, Not Head, Hill ()
  • Human Shields and the DOD Law of War Manual: Can't We Improve the Debate?, Just Security ()
  • Military Commissions After Al-Bahlul, Lawfare ()
  • Cyber Operations and the New Defense Department Law of War Manual: Initital Impressions, Lawfare ()
  • Casualties and Polls: Some Observations, Just Security ()
  • Civilian Casualities, Drones, Airstrikes, and the Perils of Policy, War On the Rocks ()
  • To Ban New Weapons or Regulate Their Use?, Just Security ()
  • Bringing Bergdahl Home was the Right Choice -- Deserter or Not, Time ()
  • Setting Your Compass: Some Thoughts from a (Former) DJAG, 42 Reporter (61-65)
  • Book ReviewLawfare ()  (reviewing Robert M. Gates, Duty: Memoirs of a Secretary at War (2014))
  • Does the Intelligence Community Fear Lawyers...or Legal Scrutiny?, Just Security ()
  • Leave No Soldier Behind -- No Exceptions, The Great Debate ()
  • Still Shortchanged: Some Observations About the New Army/Marine Corps COIN DoctrineSmall Wars Journal ()
  • Top Ten Reasons Sen. Gillibrand's Bill is the Wrong Solution to Military Sexual AssaultJust Security ()
  • The Moral Resposibility of Volunteer SoldiersBoston Review () (with others)
  • Forum: The Moral Responsibility of Volunteer Soldier, Boston Review () (Nov/Dec 2013)
  • Despite McCain's Words, Our Military Needs More, Not Fewer Women, ()
  • No Panacea in President's Counterterrorism Policy, Huffington Post ()
  • A Peek But Still No Clear Policy on Using Force Against U.S. Citizens, ()
  • Charles Dunlap on the Discussion Started by Mark Mazzetti, The Drone Zone,, Lawfare ()
  • What is the Role of Lawyers in Cyberwarfare? , ABA Journal (, at 1) (with Stewart A. Baker)
  • Bad Policies Breed Bad Behavior on Modern Battlefield Situations, Cleveland Plain Dealer ()
  • We Need New Policy, Not Draftees, New York Times ()
  • Pilots Should Lead the Way at Airport Checkpoints, News & Observer ()
  • Could Airstrikes Save Lives?, Washington Post (, at A25)
  • Lessons Learned: Enlisting Trust, Military Officers Association of America Magazine ()
  • Roles, Missions,and Equipment: Military Lessons from Experience in This Decade, 70 Army History ()
  • Voices from the Stars? America's Generals and Public Debates, 28 American Bar Association National Security Law Report (8-11)
  • The Limits of Fourth-Generation Warfare, 89 Marine Corps Gazette (39-40)
  • ....With Helmet and Flak Vest: Practicing International Law in War ZonesU.S. Air Force, Judge Advocate General ()
  • When Does an Unsafe Act Become a Crime?Torch Mazazine (14-15)
  • The End of Innocence: Rethinking Noncombatancy in the Post-Kosovo EraStrategic Review ()
  • The Legal Basis for No-Fly Zones, 2 JAG Warrior ()
  • Cyberattack! Are We at War?NCSA News (, at 18)
  • How We Lost the High-Tech War of 2007: A Warning for the FutureThe Weekly Standard (22-28)
  • A Hawk in the Land of VulturesSaint Joseph's University Magazine (14-15)
  • Military Justice System and Command Accountability ()
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