Laurence R. Helfer


  • The Law and Politics of the Andean Tribunal of Justice (Oxford University Press, forthcoming) (with Karen J. Alter)
  • An Instrument Choice Perspective on Customary International Law, 37 Michigan Journal of International Law (forthcoming) (with Ingrid Wuerth)
  • Symposium on International Courts in Context, 79 Law & Contemporary Problems (No. 1, forthcoming) (co-editor with Karen J. Alter & Mikael Rask Madsen)
  • The Authority of International Courts, in Authority of International Courts in a Complex World (forthcoming) (with others)

Works in Progress

  • Sub-Regional Courts in Africa: Litigating the Hybrid Right to Freedom of Movement (September 01, 2015)
  • African Sub-regional Courts and Human Rights: Access, Interpretation and Remedies (part of a symposium on Comparing Regional Human Rights Courts and Commissions)
  • Kenya’s Backlash Against the International Criminal Court: Strategies and Consequences (with Annie Showalter, 2017 JD-LLM candidate)
  • Understanding State Backlashes Against International Courts  (with Karen J. Alter)


Articles and Essays

Issues Edited

  • Proceedings of the 99th Annual Meeting, American Society of International Law Proceedings (2005) (with Rae Lindsay)

Newspaper Articles and Commentary

  • Avoiding a Rush to Exit -- Article 50 and the UK's Withdrawal from the EU, Opinio Juris (June 26, 2016)
  • Op-Ed., Basic Liberties: U.S. Trails the World on Gay Rights, International Herald Tribune (June 19, 2003, at 16)
  • Op - Ed., Not Leading the World But Following It, New York Times (June 18, 2003, at A25)
  • Letter to the Editor, Reviving the United Nations, Washington Post (April 23, 2003, at A34)