• Environmental Regulation: Law, Science, and Policy  (Little, Brown, 1992, 2nd ed. 1996; Aspen Publishers, 3rd ed. 2000, 4th ed. 2003, 5th ed. 2006; Wolters Kluwer, 6th ed. 2009, 7th ed. 2013, 8th ed. 2018) (with others)
  • Keeping Faith with the Constitution (Oxford University Press, ) (with others)
  • Presidential Power Stories (Foundation Press, ) (editor with Curtis A. Bradley)
  • A New Progressive Agenda for Public Health and the Environment (Carolina Academic Press, ) (editor with Rena Steinzor)
  • The Need for Power Issue in the Context of Recent State Power Plant Siting Legislation () (with Enholm)
  • Control of Population Densities Surrounding Nuclear Power Plants () (with others)
  • Industrial Cogeneration in California (California Energy Resources Conservation and Development Commission, ) (with others)
  • State Facility Siting Legislation and Its Impact on the Siting of Coal-Fired Power Plants () (with Wiley)
  • Preliminary Report on the Assessment of Energy Conservation Strategies and Measures (California Energy Resources Conservation and Development Commission, ) (with others)

Articles & Essays

Issues Edited

  • Special Editor, Law and Contemporary Problems (Autumn )
  • Special Editor, Law and Contemporary Problems (Summer )

Newspaper Articles and Commentary

  • Why the Justice Department May be Right, Huffington Post ()
  • What Congress Gets To Know: How To End The Standoff On Executive Privilege And The U.S. Attorney () (with Walter Dellinger)
  • The Purse Isn't Congress' Only Weapon, New York Times (, at A23) (with Walter Dellinger)
  • The Case for Judicial Review, 2001 Washington Post (, at A39) (with Walter Dellinger)
  • What About Burton's Contempt for the Constitution?, 1998 Legal Times (, at 25) (with Neil Kinkopf)
  • New Center for the Study of the Congress Looks at American Cynicism Toward the Institution, Duke Law Magazine (, at 15)
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