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  • Norms and Conventions Meet Donald Trump, Oxford Human Rights Hub ()
  • The U.S. Constitution, Constitutionational Conventions, and President Trump, Oxford Human Rights Hub ()
  • Reciprocal Legitimation in Response to President Trump, Balkinization ()
  • Judicial and Media Independence After the Next Attack, Lawfare () (with Curtis Bradley)
  • Anthony Kennedy is Not Stupid, Slate () (with Dahlia Lithwick)
  • The Democrats Can't Block Gorsuch, Slate () (with Dahlia Lithwick)
  • Court-hacking Comes to North Carolina, News & Observer () (with Joseph Blocher)
  • The Distinct Role of Justice Alito: From a Politics of Restoration to a Politics of Dissent, Balkinization ()
  • Reciprocal Legitimation in Federal Courts System , Balkinization ()
  • The Supreme Court's Reassuring--and Concerning-- Abortion Ruling, ACSblog ()
  • A Litmus Test for Trump's Racism ()
  • The Harm in the GOP's Pseudo-Principled Supreme Court Stance, Hill ()
  • The American People will Decide the Supreme Court's Future Anyway, Hill ()
  • Constitutional Conventions, the Judicial Separation of Powers, and Justice Scalia's Replacement , Balkinization () (with Curtis Bradley)
  • John Roberts, Ted Olson, and the Judicial Separation of Powers, Balkinization ()
  • Obergefell, Judaism, and the Authority of Tradition, Balkinization ()
  • Whole Woman's Health: Casey, Res Judicata, and Supreme Court Review, Balkinization ()
  • Windsor: Encouraging Constitutional Change, Not (Just) Clearing the Channels of Political Change, Balkinization ()
  • Clear Text Versus Extra-Textual Considerations: Bond, Noel Canning, and King, Balkinization ()
  • Animus Versus Moral Opposition: Material and Expressive Considerations, Balkinization ()
  • Does CNN Deserve to be Reelected?, Huffington Post ()
  • Romney, Women, and the Supreme Court, Huffington Post ()
  • Yes, the Justices Indeed 'Make Law', News & Observer ()
  • The Meaning of the Court's Decision in the School Cases, Contra Costa Times ()
  • Detainees and the Constitution, News & Observer (, at A13)
  • Beware the Anti-Freedom Amendment, News & Observer (, at A15)
  • Separating Childhood Heroes from Today's Politics, Philadelphia Inquirer (, at A15)
  • Time For Both Sides to Get Real About Alito, Durham Herald-Sun (, at A7)
  • Taking Issue: Americans Deserve Answers, National Public Radio Online ()
  • Remembering Chief Justice Rehnquist, Washington Post (, at A30)
  • Why President Bush Should Not Take the 5th, Houston Chronicle (, at B11)
  • The Conservative Choice is a Moderate, News & Observer (, at A13)
  • Rigorous Questions Would Be Only Fair, Philadelphia Inquirer (, at A19)
  • The Rhetoric Behind Strict Constructionism, Durham Herald-Sun (, at A11) (with Aziz Huq)
  • Medical Marijuana: Read Between the Lines, News & Observer (, at A11)
  • Justices Create Confusion in Sentencing by Declaring Guidelines Advisory, Daily Journal () (with Erwin Chemerinsky)
  • Nomination Could Bridge Divide, Sun Sentinel (, at 23A)
  • The Election and the U.S. Supreme Court, Chicago Tribune (, at C21)


  • Direct and Indirect Taxes, National Constitution Center, Interactive Constitution () (with Steven J. Willis)
  • Still Very Narrow After All These Years-- And Rightly So, National Constitution Center, Interactive Constitution (
  • The Necessary and Proper Clause, National Constitution Center, Interactive Constitution () (with Gary Lawson)
  • The Necessary and Proper Clause and the Collective Action Principle, National Constitution Center, Interactive Constitution (
  • The Power to Tax, Not to Destroy: An Effects Theory of the Taxing Clause, National Constitution Center, Interactive Constitution (
  • The Taxing Clause, National Constitution Center, Interactive Constitution () (with Steven J. Willis)
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