Neil S. Siegel

Works in Progress

Our Customary Constitution: The Role of Historical Gloss and Constitutional Conventions in Constructing the Separation of Powers (book project with Curtis A. Bradley)


Why the Nineteenth Amendment Matters Today: An Essay for the Centennial, 27 DUKE JOURNAL OF GENDER LAW & POLICY (forthcoming 2020)

Foreword, 3 AMERICAN CONSTITUTION SOCIETY SUPREME COURT REVIEW (forthcoming 2019) (October 2018 Term)

Historical Practice, Madisonian Liquidation, and the Originalism Debate,106 VIRGINIA LAW REVIEW (forthcoming 2020) (with Curtis A. Bradley)

The Pregnant Captain, the Notorious REG, and the Vision of RBG: The Story of Struck v. Secretary of Defense,in REPRODUCTIVE RIGHTS AND JUSTICE STORIES (Kate Shaw, Reva Siegel, and Melissa Murray eds., forthcoming, 2019)



United States Constitutional Law (Foundation Press, 2019) (with Daniel A. Farber)