• Standing and Probabilistic InjuryMichigan Law Review (forthcoming) (with Curtis A. Bradley)
  • Federalism and Loyalty, in The Law and Politics of Federalism (Erin Delaney ed., forthcoming)

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Newspaper Articles and Commentary

  • The State of the Judiciary, 101 Judicature (, at 52) (with others)
  • Symposium: United States v. Texas and the future of state-federal litigation, Scotusblog ()
  • Daniel J. Meltzer '75: 1951-2015, Harvard Law Today ()
  • Justice and Politics for All: An Authority on Constitutional Law Passes Judgment on Recent Supreme Court Cases,Dartmouth Alumni Magazine ()
  • Justice Souter's Conservatism, ACS (American Constitutional Society) Blog ()
  • Europe's Constitutional Convention: Will The European Union Embrace Federalism?, Findlaw's Writ ()
  • The Balance Of Federalism In Unbalanced Times: Should The Supreme Court Reconsider Its Federalism Precedents In Light Of The War On Terrorism?, Findlaw's Writ ()
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