Kazimierz Grzybowski
Professor of Law and Senior Research Associate, Rule of Law Research Center, 1964-1970, Professor of Law and Professor of Political Science, 1970-1981, Professor of Law Emeritus, 1981-1993

Kazimierz Grzybowski began his relationship with Duke Law in 1964, remaining until his death in 1993. He published widely in the specializations of comparative law and international trade throughout his career. 

Apart from his career as a professor, Grzybowski devoted three years serving as a District Court Judge in his native Lwow, Poland, before the German invasion.  He served in the military throughout the Second World War. His work in the United States began with an editorial position with the Library of Congress in 1951.  Subsequently he did consultant work at Rand Corporation from 1960 to 1962.  Grzybowski spent years teaching at various institutions worldwide.

Grzybowski received his M.L.L. and D.L.L. at the University of Lwow in 1931 and 1934, respectively, and obtained a S.J.D. from Harvard University in 1933. Prior to his arrival at Duke University, he taught at the law schools of the University of Lwow, the University of Michigan, Yale University, Leiden University, and Strasbourg University. 


Duke University, School of Law, Bulletin of Duke University School of Law [serial]


Kazimierz Grzybowski
Historic Faculty