B. B. Nicholson
Instructor in Law, 1891-1893, Professor of Constitutional History and Law, 1893-1894

Blake Baker Nicholson was a Trinity College graduate in philosophy who remained at the College to teach law. When the Law School opened in the fall of 1891 under Dean A.C. Avery at the old Trinity campus in Randolph County, Justice Avery could not neglect his responsibilities in Raleigh to travel that far.  Nicholson was the sole law faculty member that first year, teaching classes streamlined to provide the minimum to prepare students for the bar.

During the 1892-1893 academic year Nicholson attended classes at the University of Virginia.  Upon his return the title Professor of Constitutional History and Law was conferred upon him.  Unfortunately, because economic conditions worsened, Trinity College decided to discontinue the law school.


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