Frank T. Read
Assistant Dean and Assistant Professor of Law, 1968-1970, Associate Professor of Law and Assistant Dean, 1970-1972, Professor of Law and Associate Dean, 1972-1973, Professor of Law, 1973-1974

Frank T. (Tom) Read was an administrator and teacher at Duke Law for six years.  While on the faculty, Read conducted a study of the public school integration actions of federal courts in several southern states.  The study was funded by a grant from the Ford Foundation and eventually published in book form in 1978 as Let Them Be Judged: the Judicial Integration of the Deep South

Read completed his B.S. at Brigham Young University in 1960 and an LL.B. at Duke in 1963.  He was in private practice for several years before joining the Duke Law faculty.  Read left Duke in 1974 to become Dean and Professor of Law at the College of Law of the University of Tulsa.  He went on to be Dean and Professor of Law at four other law schools, most recently the South Texas College of Law from 1995 to 2003.  South Texas conferred emeritus status on him in 2003.


Duke University, School of Law, Bulletin of Duke University School of Law [serial]

2009-2010 AALS Directory of Law Teachers 1158

Frank T. Read
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