Laura S. Underkuffler
Associate Professor of Law, 1990-1996, Professor of Law, 1996-2006, Arthur Larson Professor of Law, 2006-2009

Laura Underkuffler was a member of the Duke Law faculty for 18 years.  She taught courses on property, land use, and federal courts.  While at Duke she also served as a special counsel to the U.S. Senate in 1991-1992, and was a fellow at the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars in 1993.  In 2003 Underkuffler won the Duke Bar Association’s Distinguished Teacher Award and a Faculty Scholarship Award for her book, The Idea of Property: Its Meaning and Power.  While at Duke she was a visiting professor at the Universities of Maine and Pennsylvania, Georgetown, and Harvard.

Underkuffler completed a B.A. at Carleton College in 1974 and a J.D. at the William Mitchell College of Law in 1978.  After law school she clerked for a judge in the U.S.C.A. 8th Circuit before going into private practice for several years.  Underkuffler worked in the Minneapolis public defender office from 1985 to 1986.  In 1987 she became a Residential Fellow and Assistant to the Dean at Yale while she earned her LL.M. degree.  In 1994 she also completed an S.J.D. at Yale.

Underkuffler became the J. DuPratt White Professor of Law at Cornell in 2009.


Duke University, School of Law, Bulletin of Duke University School of Law [serial]

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Laura S. Underkuffler
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