The Medical-Legal Partnership for Families in Durham

A Partnership Between the Medical and Legal Communities for Our Families

The Medical-Legal Partnership for Families in Durham

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The Medical-Legal Partnership provides an opportunity for medical providers to refer patients for legal assessment in situations where a non-medical obstacle is impairing the overall health of a family.

About Us
The Medical-Legal Partnership is an alliance between health care providers and lawyers to benefit low-income and at-risk families. It provides an opportunity for pediatric providers to refer patients for legal assessment in situations where a non-medical obstacle is impairing the overall health of their patient. The legal team provides training for the pediatricians, nurses, social workers, and other staff about legal issues that may be facing their patients. A referral mechanism allows the providers to refer the patients to the legal team. A member of the legal team will interview the family about the situation and provide free legal help where appropriate.

Legal Topics

A family’s overall health and wellbeing can be improved not just by good medical care, but by good legal care as well.  A number of negative conditions, such as poor housing, denials of public benefits, inadequate education, and violent or unstable homes, can put families at risk of worsening health conditions.  Many of these negative conditions can be solved by legal action.  Medical providers can learn more about the basic rights of families and when to refer their patients to the legal team by reviewing slide presentations on the following topics:


Referrals sent through the Medical-Legal Partnership are private and confidential. A referral does not create an attorney-client relationship between the legal team and the person referred. Information on this website is for education purposes only and should not be construed as legal advice.

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Medical providers can refer a patient to the Medical-Legal Partnership by filling out the referral form and faxing to a member of the Legal Team.

Medical providers: Please use a referral form to refer a patient to the Medical-Legal Partnership. The form may be filled in, printed, and then faxed to the Duke Law Children's Clinic or to Legal Aid of North Carolina.

The Children's Law Clinic has a limited service area. Potential clients must live in one of the following counties: Alamance, Caswell, Chatham, Durham, Granville, Franklin, Orange, Person, Vance, Wake, and Warren.

* Please note, you cannot save an electronic copy of this form with your data filled in.

  • Children’s Law Clinic
    fax: 919-613-7262
  • Legal Aid of North Carolina
    fax: 919-714-6756

Referral Form: Duke Children's Primary Care (.pdf)

Referral Form: Lincoln Community Health Center (.pdf)

Referral Form: Complex Care (.pdf)

Referral Form: El Futuro (.pdf)

Referral Form: Veterans Affairs (.pdf)

Contact Us

Contact a member of the Legal Team for questions about how to refer a patient, using the form, or about the partnership. 

Crystal Grant

Clinical Professor of Law
Director, Children’s Law Clinic



Peggy Nicholson

Clinical Professor of Law
Supervising Attorney, Children’s Law Clinic



Robert Breitweiser

Staff Attorney, Legal Aid of North Carolina, Durham Office

  (919) 688-6396, ext. 4540