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WS 2023

Please continue to check regularly for updates; courses will be added as additional information becomes available.

Note: Except for Law 825, which will meet both Saturday/Sunday, January 7-8, and Saturday/Sunday, January 14-15, all other class meetings scheduled for a Saturday or Sunday will take place on Saturday, January 14, and Sunday, January 15, 2023.

Course Number Course Title Dates Instructor(s) Experiential?
800-01 Basics of Accounting Mon 9am-12pm James D. Cox Yes
Wed 2-5pm
809-01 Litigation Strategy in the Corporate Context Tues 2-5pm Chris Hart Yes
Wed 2-5pm
814-01 Basics for the Finance Lawyer Mon 2pm-5pm Alexandra Johnson Yes
Tues 2pm-5pm
816-01 Counseling & Creating a New Entity Tues 9am-12pm Bryan McGann Yes
Wed 9am-12pm
817-01 Excel for Lawyers Tues 2-5pm Kip Johnson Yes
Wed 2-5pm
820-01 Deposition Practice and Strategy Mon 9am-12pm Dan Katz Yes
Wed 2-5pm
820-02 Deposition Practice  Fri 2-5pm Kelly Margolis Dagger Yes
Sun 12-3pm Paul Sun
820-03 Deposition Practice Fri 9am-12pm Lily Farel Yes
Sat 9am-12pm
822-01 Hearings Practice Tues 9am-12pm Collin Cox Yes
Wed 9am-12pm
825-01 Practice & Strategic Development of Int'l Transactions: Investment in Latin America Sat 2-5pm, Sun 3:30-6:30pm Stuart Berkson, Yes
Sat 2-5pm, Sun 3:30-6:30pm Jose Meirelles
831-01 In-House Legal Practice Tues 2-5pm Gray McCalley Yes
Wed 2-5pm Allen Nelson
832-01 Internal Investigations Tues 9am-12pm Valecia McDowell Yes
Wed 9am-12pm
837-01 Legal and Policy Aspects of U.S. Civil-Military Relations Tues 9am-12pm Maj. Gen. Charles J. Dunlap, Jr., USAF (Ret.) No
Wed 9am-12pm
844-01 The Counselor and the Client: The Corporate Context Sat 2-5pm William Curtin, Will Yavinsky, et al. No
Sun 3:30-6:30pm
846-01 Compliance with the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) Sat 2-5pm Cassy Creekman Yes
Sun 3:30-6:30pm Brian Zuercher
848-01 Insurance Law Fri 9am-12pm Richard Nicolaides No
Sat 9am-12pm
853-01 The Way It All Works: Investing, Negotiating, and Operating in the Real World Sat 2-5pm James Rhee Yes
Sun 3:30-6:30pm
856-01 Investor-State Relations: An Arbitration Case Study Fri 2-5pm Brody Greenwald Yes
Sun 12-3pm Isabella Bellera Landa
860-01 Advising Clients on Use of Trademarks and Copyrighted Material Fri 2-5pm Lisa Simpson Yes
Sun 12-3pm
861-01 Perspectives and Foundations of Justice Mon 2-5pm Julie Youngman No
Tues 2pm-5pm
863-01 Life or Death: The Decision-Making Process in a Death Penalty Case Sat 2-5pm Michael McAuliffe No
Sun 3:30-6:30pm
864-01 Lawyer as International Development Professional Mon 2-5pm Nichelle Johnson-Billips Yes
Tues 2-5pm John Simpkins
867-01 Leadership and Communication in the Law Fri 2-5pm Paige Gentry Yes
Sun 12-3pm Elle Gilley
869-01 The Right to Bargain in Professional and Amateur Sports Sat 2-5pm - format TBD Cari Grieb Yes
Sun 3:30-6:30pm - format TBD DeMaurice Smith
872-01 CFIUS and Cross-Border Mergers & Acquisitions Fri 2-5pm Jeff Zhang Yes
Sun 12-3pm
873-01 Prosecutorial Ethics Mon 2-5pm Jason Cowley Yes
Tues 2-5pm Shane Stansbury
880-01 Introduction to Research for Public Interest Practice Tues 9am-12pm Laura Scott Yes
Wed 9am-12pm
882-01 Exploring the Role of Gender and Culture in Negotiation Mon 2-5pm - ZOOM Casey Thomson Yes
Tues 2-5pm - ZOOM
883-01 Litigation Management Fri 9am-12pm Brandi Percy Yes
Sat 9am-12pm
884-01 Lawyering for Systemic Change Tues 9am-12pm Peggy Nicholson Yes
Wed 9am-12pm
885-01 Law, Economics, and Politics of Sovereign Finance Fri 2-5pm Efraim Chalamish No
Sun 12-3pm
886-01 Patent Litigation in Practice Mon 2-5pm Colm Connolly Yes
Tues 2-5pm
887-01 Cross-Cultural Lawyering Tues 2-5pm Bethan Eynon Yes
Wed 2-5pm
888-01 Media & Internet Platforms, IP Licenses and Changing Technologies Fri 9am-12pm Raphael Winick Yes
Sat 9am-12pm
NEW Mindfulness & Meditation for Law Students Mon 9am-12pm Kelli Raker No
Wed 2-5pm
NEW Human Rights for Businesses: A Socially Responsible Path Tues 9am-12pm Gaia Clara Barcilon Yes
Wed  9am-12pm