NC Civil Justice Reform

This is a two-credit research tutorial with a heavy emphasis on collaboration.  The course is designed to introduce students to the North Carolina Civil Justice System, teach them to identify inefficiencies and inequalities within that system, and generate proposals for reform.  Although general areas of focus will be set by the Civil Justice Section of the Commission, the specific research objectives, investigatory tools, data compilation, and presentations will be performed by the students.  In collaboration with Dean Levi and Professor Miller, students will set fact-finding priorities, conduct research on civil justice topics in North Carolina, evaluate programs in comparator jurisdictions, draft reports, and prepare presentations for classroom use and for the Civil Justice Section members.  The goal is for the students to produce a substantial, detailed, documented set of written proposals that will be included in the final report of the Commission in early 2017 and will shape the civil justice system in North Carolina going forward.  We plan to have class sessions approximately every other week.   During these class sessions, tutorial participants will coordinate research and drafting tasks and give reports of their findings.  It is expected that during the days we do not have class, the students will be conducting research.

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(b) Legal analysis and reasoning, legal research, problem-solving, and written and oral communication in the legal context


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