639 Structuring Venture Capital and Private Equity Transactions Course Plus Offering

This course-plus component to the Structuring Venture Capital and Private Equity Transactions class will provide students with an intense, practical skills course that will teach basic and advanced document drafting skills, transaction strategy and business analysis for these types of deals. The class will focus on the basics of structuring a target organization and strategizing, preparing and negotiating the documentation for a strategic acquisition. Students will be exposed to transaction documents relevant to a strategic acquisition, including, among other things, term sheets and charters. Skills acquired in this course-plus offering will be translatable to other areas of practice and types of transactions and will provide aspiring lawyers and business people with a legal and business foundation that is critical to excelling in the corporate world.

In order to be enrolled in this course you must be concurrently enrolled in LAW 358 Structuring Venture Capital & Private Equity Transactions.

Course Areas of Practice
Course Type
Learning Outcomes
Other professional skills needed for competent and ethical participation as a member of the legal profession

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