611.15 Readings: What Really Happened?: The Global Financial Crisis in Retrospect?

This seminar will provide an opportunity to reflect on the multiple causes of the 2008 Global Financial Crisis.  Some clearer pathways to crisis are beginning to emerge, and studying these is timely given the constant demand for reform in financial regulation. 

Material for the seminar will consist of about three or four recent books that attempt to tie the events, dynamics and causes together.   We will also consider new pressures that could trigger another financial crisis.

Prior completion of Big Bank Regulation or Securities Regulation is highly desirable.

The seminar group will have an organizational meeting at the law school and subsequent meetings at Professor Baxter’s home in early evenings that work for everyone’s schedule.  Participants will be assigned in groups to one of the books and will be asked to prepare book reports for discussion at our meetings.

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Spring 2018

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