238.05 Ethics and the Law of Lawyering

In this course we will investigate and discuss ethical issues that arise in representing clients and practicing law in a multinational setting.  We will explore issues of confidentiality, attorney-client privilege, duties to clients, governments, other attorneys, and citizens and societies with different views on ethics and legal systems.  We will consider how attorneys must navigate the ethics rules governing attorneys while counseling clients on laws and regulations governing societal ethics such as anti-corruption laws, export and sanctions laws, and rules against human rights violations.  This should help prepare students for ethics issues they may face in cross-jurisdictional practice.

Depending on instructor travel, there is a chance that a few class sessions may need to take place on Zoom; all will be indicated as such in the course syllabus. Please note that in-person attendance is required for in-person class meetings

Special Notes:

Topic: Ethics and International Legal Practice

Fall 2021

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Brian Zuercher
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