160AB.05 Legal Analysis, Research & Writing

An introductory study of the various forms of legal writing and modes of legal research. Through an integrated approach to writing and research, the course begins by analyzing the components of judicial opinions and ends with the students independently researching and writing a sophisticated appellate brief. The principal goal of this course is the mastery of the basic tools of legal analysis, the principles of legal writing, and the techniques of legal research using both print and online resources.

This is a year-long course.  Upon successful completion of the Fall and Spring semesters, students are awarded four credits and graded on numerical scale.  A grade of Credit (CR) or No Credit (NC) is given after the Fall semester.

Spring 2021

Course Number Course Credits Evaluation Method Instructor
Course Credits
Reflective Writing
Research and/or analytical paper(s), 10-15 pages
Jo Ann Ragazzo, Wickliffe Shreve
Sakai site: https://sakai.duke.edu/portal/site/LAW.160B.05.Sp21
Email list: LAW.160B.05.Sp21@sakai.duke.edu
Degree Requirements
Course Requirements - JD
Course Areas of Practice
Course Areas of Practice