468.01 Child Advocacy Lab

There is significant lack of understanding between the fields of medicine and law, as well as missed opportunities to advocate for children’s rights and improved health outcomes. The Child Advocacy Lab offers a unique opportunity to join a dynamic, collaborative learning environment bringing medical and law students to the forefront of child advocacy.  Students will engage in team projects and conduct research related to current child advocacy issues, with particular focus on recent changes in mandated reporting laws that have greatly affected all professionals working with children.  The lessons learned from working cooperatively with other disciplines will directly translate to enhance career skills for interdisciplinary practice.

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Spring 2022

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Reflective Writing
Group project(s)
Practical exercises
Crystal Grant, Scott Snyder, Aditee Narayan
Sakai site: https://sakai.duke.edu/portal/site/LAW-468-01-Sp22
Email list: LAW-468-01-Sp22@sakai.duke.edu
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