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New Evaluations for Spring 2023*

In the Spring of 2023 the Law School moved to a new Duke Course Evaluations system (Watermark). Access to this system is different from our old system though the evaluation data remains the same.


Instructors can login and download results for their individual courses per semester. The results can be found under "View" with the following options:

  • Detailed Report: A quantitative report without write-in comments in PDF format.
  • Detailed Report + Comments: A quantitative report including write-in comments in PDF format.
  • Short Report: A condensed, quantitative report without write-in questions in PDF format.
  • Short Report + Comments: A condensed, quantitative report including write-in comments in PDF format.

Further general instructions can be found on the Office of Assessment website.

Instructors are only able to view results for their own courses. If other results are required, please email and a Short Report PDF can be provided. If you have any feedback please contact and it will be relayed to the Office of Assessment.

*Please note the following Spring 2023 course evaluations were run in the current DukeHub system, the results of which can be found in the system below (under Evaluations prior to Spring 2023): 160AB.01-08, 315.01, 380.01, 420.01, 420.02, 422.02, 468.01, 502.01, 519.03, 611.50, 621S.03, 621S.04


Students are able to access the Spring 2023 evaluations of upper-level courses that have a high response rate in the new Duke Course Evaluations system (Watermark). The results are provided in PDF format and include the same level of detail as the current DukeHub system below. Students should be able to login to the system and find all available Law School evaluations.


Evaluations prior to Spring 2023

Login to see evaluations and archives:

Note: Off-campus access to see Course Evaluations requires use of the Duke VPN.

Fill out an evaluation:


If you have any questions or cannot access the system and need a PDF copy of your evaluations, please contact