Training the next generation of leaders to solve environmental problems by providing access to justice in under-served communities.

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Patrick Duggan"I can't overstate the importance of true experience when interviewing for a prospective position. Now, as an interviewer, I can tell the difference between applicants who don’t have practical experience and those who do… I gained that insight by working in the Environmental Law and Policy Clinic, which in turn allowed me to speak with my interviewers as peers and assure them I would be able to handle the rigors of litigation."

Patrick Duggan JD/MA '10, U.S. Department of Justice, Environment and Natural Resources Division

Mae Wu"Ryke and Michelle are two of the top legal minds, especially when it comes to food and agriculture law policy. With them at the helm, the clinic is helping push through real changes in our food system."

Mae Wu '01, NRDC

Michael Munoz"Coming into the Environmental Law and Policy Clinic without ever taking a class in environmental law, I worried that I might be a bit lost. However, because environmental law is so interdisciplinary, I was able to apply my existing skills from other areas of the law in a new and exciting context in my work for the Clinic."

Michael Munoz '17

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