• The Line: AI and the Future of Personhood (MIT Press, forthcoming)


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  • The Unperson Of 2023Techdirt ()
  • Misunderestimating Openness, Paradox of Open: Responses, Open Future ()
  • A Love Letter to the Regular Pickup Game, Washington Post ()
  • Everything You Know About Section 230 Is Wrong (But Why?), Techdirt ()
  • Duke’s Sturgis Graduation Do-Over, UWIRE ()
  • Public by Sufferance Alone: The Worst of 2012, Huffington Post () (with Jennifer Jenkins)
  • Presumed Guilty, Financial Times ()
  • Fantasy and Reality in Intellectual Property Policy, Financial Times ()
  • Who Steals the Gene from off the Common, Financial Times ()
  • Monopolists of the Genetic Code?, Financial Times ()
  • Hot News: The Next Bad Thing, Financial Times ()
  • Obamas Mixed Record on Tech Policy, Financial Times ()
  • A Copyright Black Hole Swallows Our Culture, Financial Times ()
  • Dissociated Press, Financial Times ()
  • Obama in Cyberspace, Financial Times ()
  • What the Information Superhighways Aren't Built of..., Financial Times ()
  • Misunderestimating Open Science, Financial Times ()
  • Obamas Team Must Fight Cultural Agoraphobia', Financial Times ()
  • Book-burning, Legal Style, Financial Times ()
  • A Creative Coup for the Trainspotters, Financial Times ()
  • A Czar for the Digital Peasants, Financial Times ()
  • Sacrificing at the Altar of Patents, Financial Times ()
  • And The Band Played On..., Financial Times ()
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