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Newspaper Articles and Commentary

  • The New U.S.-Taiwan Trade Agreement and Its Approval, Lawfare () (with Kathleen Claussen)
  • How the US and EU Can Rewrite Trade Rules to Fight the Climate Crisis, Blog (Roosevelt Institute) () (Originally published in French in Le Grand Continent, and in Spanish in El Grand Continent, March 14, 2023) (with Todd N. Tucker)
  • The Case for Mandating Climate-Risk Disclosure, Project Syndicate () (with others)
  • The President’s (and USTR’s) Trade Agreement Authority: From Fisheries to IPEF, Lawfare () (with Kathleen Claussen)
  • There Are Two Ways to Kick Russia Out of the World Trading System. One Is More Likely to Work., Washington Post () (with Todd N. Tucker)
  • How to Protect America From the Next Economic Calamity, MarketWatch () (with Ganesh Sitaraman)
  • Trump’s Trade Strategy Points the Way to a U.S. Carbon Tariff, Lawfare () (with Todd N. Tucker)
  • Why Canada’s Leaders Should Wait Out Trump’s NAFTA Deal, Politico () (with Todd N. Tucker)
  • A Trade Policy for All, Foreign Affairs () (with Ganesh Sitaraman)
  • The Power to Declare Trade War, Lawfare () (with Ganesh Sitaraman)
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