• Law and Violence in the Middle East, in Oxford Handbook on Law and Authoritarianism (Cora Chan, Madhav Khosla, Benjamin Liebman & Mark Tushnet, eds., forthcoming)
  • No Peace Without Punishment? Reintegrating Islamic State “Collaborators” in Iraq, American Journal of Comparative Law (forthcoming) (with Kristen Kao)

Works in Progress

  • What Determines Military Legitimacy? Evidence from the Battle of Mosul in Iraq, HiCN Working Paper Series 2023-402 () (with others)
  • Civilian Harm and Military Legitimacy in War () (with others)
  • Is There a "Right to Forget" Atrocities? The International Law on Memory with New Evidence from South Sudan () (with Olivia Wang)
  • Law, Morality, and Blame: Attitudes Toward Civilian Casualties in Mosul () (with Janina Dill)
  • The Blind Spots of International Humanitarian Law () (with Orly Stern)

Articles & Essays

Newspaper Articles and Commentary

  • How the Iraqi Crackdown on the Islamic State May Actually Increase Support for the Islamic State, Washington Post () (with Kristen Kao)
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Mara R. Revkin

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