Works in Progress

  • The Private Foundation Excise Taxes: A Largely Successful Tax Reform Effort () (with Susan Gary)


  • Federal Income Taxation (Aspen Publishing, 2004, 2d ed. 2007; Wolters Kluwer Law & Business, 3d ed. 2011; Wolters Kluwer, 4th ed. 2015, 5th ed. ) (with others)
  • Taxes and Philanthropy Among the Wealthy (Joel Slemrod ed., ) (U. Mich. Office of Tax Policy Research, Working Papers Series No. 98-15 ), (reprinted in Does Atlas Shrug? The Economic Consequences of Taxing the Rich (Joel Slemrod ed., 2000)) (with others)
  • Report of the Illinois Supreme Court Special Commission on the Administration of Justice () (with others)
  • Illinois Housing Needs, 1970-1980 (Illinois Housing Development Authority, ) (with others)

Articles & Essays

Newspaper Articles and Commentary

  • End the Alternative Minimum Tax, Don't Mend It, The Wall Street Journal ()
  • Ask the Experts, WalletHub () (with others)
  • Throw Out Skybox Tax SubsidiesNew York Times (, at A19) (with Jay Soled)
  • Nader 2004?, Thanks, but..., Op-ed on Ralph Nader, 2003 News & Observer (, at A28)
  • The Late, Great, Now-You-See-It, Now-You-Don't Estate Tax Repeal of 2001, 2001 Duke Law Magazine (, at 28)
  • Bill's Big Breakfast, 1998 National Law Journal (, at A25)
  • What'd He Say I Said?, 1998 National Law Journal (, at A20)
  • Flat Tax, VAT Tax, Anything But That Tax, Duke Law Magazine (, at 40)
  • The Income Tax is Better Than the Alternatives, 1995 Philadelphia Inquirer (, at A23)
  • The Tax Reform Act of 1986: The Impact on Support of Public Goods and Services, Duke Law Magazine (, at 22)
  • Case Law Substitutes for Constitutional Structures in Computing Taxable Income in the United States, Duke Law Magazine (, at 19)
  • Important Changes in Wage-Price Guidelines, 1978 Legal Times (, at 16) (with Ronald Lewis)
  • Wage-Price Program Goes to Compliance State, 1978 Legal Times (, at 16) (with Ronald Lewis)
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