Justice Clinic

The Health Justice Clinic trains
students to serve the unmet needs of low
income people facing serious illness.

Health Justice Clinic

The Duke Health Justice Clinic has been providing free legal assistance to low-income clients with HIV since 1996, and began serving clients with cancer in 2015. The Health Justice Clinic offers law students the opportunity to develop practical lawyering skills through direct representation of clients under close attorney supervision. Each semester ten students are enrolled in this clinical law course, delivering over 100 hours of direct client services each. The students receive practical skills training, specialized training in the law relating to HIV/AIDS and cancer, and academic credit. Students gain a patient's perspective on the health care system, public and private health insurance, and the experience of navigating serious illness. Through their work, the Health Justice Clinic fills a critical need for legal representation of low income people with serious health conditions in North Carolina. Read more about the clinic.


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  • Health Justice Clinic, 400.01
    This course is an in-house legal clinic in which students provide supervised legal representation for persons with HIV/AIDS or cancer
  • HIV/AIDS Policy Clinic, 402.01
    This clinic is a clinical offering in which students will work on health policy rather than direct client representation.

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