Ethical Guidelines

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From its founding, the Center’s principals have adhered to a set of ethical standards to ensure maximum disclosure, transparency, and avoidance of bias and conflict of interest in the Center’s work. Our continuing commitment is to

  • disclose all sources of funding contributing to the conduct of any activity, production of any written product, or delivery of any oral presentation on behalf of the Center;
  • do no work commissioned and paid for by an entity or individual with a financial interest in the results of the work (even if the would-be sponsor would have had no ability to approve or disapprove the results);
  • in accepting financial contributions from for-profit entities, endeavor to ensure support from multiple sources with contrasting policy preferences;
  • disclose any personal financial relationships with for-profit, not-for-profit, or government entities concerned with the Center’s subject matter;
  • strive for replicability in any empirical research conducted under the Center’s auspices, in general by making the data, or a transparent methodology for deriving the data, available to other academics at the time of publication;
  • and make the Center’s public events open to arguments on all sides of the issues being considered.
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