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Summer Institute on Law, Language, & Culture

DATES: July 22 - August 14, 2019

SILLC is a preparatory course for foreign students and scholars adapting to U.S. law school.  It is a four-week intensive course that will introduce students to common law doctrines, legal writing, legal English, the U.S. legal system, and the law school experience.  Through small-group class interaction, encounters with lawyers, judges, and teachers, visits to courtrooms and law firms, and interaction with popular media, students will learn to read and produce good legal writing, to study and understand U.S. law, and to make the best possible use of their U.S. law school experiences.  While the majority of SILLC students then matriculate in the Duke or other LLM programs, SILLC students also include law students and attorneys who want to improve their legal English while receiving an introduction to the US legal system but do not intend to immediately, if ever, enroll in an LLM program.

The study of law is a language-intensive task.  SILLC is very specifically designed to increase proficiency in reading and hearing English, to develop confidence and skill in speaking and writing, and to facilitate personal adjustment to the culture of U.S. legal education. Small class size and individual attention from the instructors will give students a concentrated and tailored teaching experience.

SILLC is the best way to arrive at Duke Law School. It was the perfect combination of an introduction to the American legal system, developing language skills, field trips, sharing with Law School professors, and forming friendship with other international students. I enjoyed the course and valued the unique opportunity to live the complete Duke experience  from the very first day."

- Rodrigo Zegers '15 (Chile)

SILLC students will be introduced to common law analysis and legal writing. Through both lectures and practice, students will learn important skills such as briefing a case, structuring a legal argument, and learning how to use proper citation. Because of the size, SILLC provides an excellent opportunity for students to get know each other well and creates many lifelong friendships as well as a professional network.

Even for native speakers of English, U.S. law school can feel like a foreign world, with its own culture, language, and rules. A good introduction to this world is especially important for students or scholars who are not native English speakers. The Summer Institute on Law, Language, and Culture is designed to be just that introduction.

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Applications may be submitted to the SILLC program. The application deadline is May 3, 2019.

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Ms. Suzanne Brown
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