Prioritarianism in Practice (PiP) Research Network

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While utilitarians seek to maximize the sum total of individual well-being, “prioritarians” give extra weight to the well-being of those who are worse off.  The “Prioritarianism in Practice” research network was organized in 2016 by Matthew Adler ( and Ole Norheim ( It aims to develop the theory and application of prioritarianism, to the point that it can function as a full-blown policy assessment tool. The initial work of the network was published as a book, Prioritarianism in Practice (Cambridge University Press 2022). Following the publication of Prioritarianism in Practice, the research network is continuing its work as a series of projects, focused on specific policy areas.

The first such project to be organized is the Prioritarianism in Practice Health Project (PiP Health). The website for PiP Health can be reached here. Please contact Leanna Doty for access.

For more information, please contact Leanna Doty at