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The Law & Entrepreneurship Program at Duke Law integrates rigorous coursework, real-world experience, and high-level networking opportunities to position you to advise, create, and lead the innovative ventures that will drive tomorrow's global economy.

Entrepreneurs and innovators do things differently; this program will help you develop the specialized legal knowledge and professional skills you need in order to counsel leaders in the innovation economy. By fusing law and business, Duke's Law and Entrepreneurship Program builds knowledge in areas that are crucial to entrepreneurial ventures and instills a deep understanding of what it means to create and run a business. You'll learn how business people approach business problems – adding value to both your skill set and your resume.

Duke Law currently offers the Dual JD/LLM in Law and Entrepreneurship, a three year academic program. 

Solve real problems; do real work.

The curriculum starts with law, but courses analyze the unique dynamics of entrepreneurial enterprises through an interdisciplinary lens. Coursework is augmented by practical experience: to meet course and practicum requirements, you might work in local and regional entrepreneurial ventures, complete a practicum with Duke Capital Partners, or help solve real-world problems presented by visiting scholars and practitioners.

Design your trajectory.

Our flexible curriculum allows you to tailor your courses to your goals. Interested in the green economy? Work with a local venture capital firm that invests in sustainable businesses and design a capstone project analyzing environmental innovation policy. Duke's university-wide commitment to entrepreneurship means you will benefit from courses and programs all across campus.

Build the network you need.

The connections you make here will help you navigate the quickly changing entrepreneurial landscape. Your mentors will include the practitioners who guide your practicum; entrepreneurs who present case studies to your classes; and our board of alumni, entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, other practitioners who advise the program – and, of course, our top-notch faculty.