Degree Requirements


In addition to the eight prescribed first-year courses, students must take courses that fulfill the Law School's ethical, legal writing, and professional skills requirements.

JD Degree Requirements   Transfer Students Degree Requirements


JD/LLM in International & Comparative Law

JD/LLM in International and Comparative Law students complete requirements for both degrees over six semesters of law study and a four-week period at one of Duke's summer institutes, which includes twenty credit hours of approved classes specifically for the LLM degree.

Degree Requirements

JD/LLM in Law & Entrepreneurship

JD/LLM in Law and Entrepreneurship students complete requirements for both degrees over six semesters of law study and a startup immersion experience during the summer following their first year. Students also participate in a non-law firm externship at a local startup company or a transactional clinic such as the Startup Ventures Clinic.

Degree Requirements


JD/Master's Programs

In a JD/Master's joint degree program, students may earn two degrees and save a full year of study that would otherwise be required if they earn the degrees separately. Under the joint degree structure, both programs reduce the number of credits required by an amount equivalent to a one semester course load. On the Law School side, this is a reduction from 87 credits required to graduate to 75 credits, 12 credits per semester being the minimum course load requirement for upper-level students. Because of the academic and financial concessions made by both degree programs, the two degrees are treated as one by the University and as such, neither degree can be conferred until both are complete.

JD/Master's Degree Requirements


LLM in Law & Entrepreneurship

The LLM in Law and Entrepreneurship is a two-semester, 23-credit program that builds on Duke Law’s strengths in the fields of business law, intellectual property law, and innovation policy. The program leverages Duke's ties to local entrepreneurial companies.

LLM LE Degree Requirements

LLM for International Law Graduates

The LLM program introduces foreign-trained law graduates to the legal system of the United States. With the exception of two courses, LLM students join American students in all classes during their one year at Duke Law. Students enroll in a minimum of 21 credit hours but may take more.

LLM Degree Requirements



The SJD is a doctorate program for students with outstanding academic credentials who intend to pursue an academic career in law. The completion of the degree requires a minimum of two-to-three years and normally will involve at least one semester of courses in addition to those taken for the LLM degree.

SJD Degree Requirements

Academic Advising

The Assistant Dean for Academic Initiatives provides academic advising on topics such as course selection, degree progress, and examination issues. Contact Dean Lacoff to make an appointment.