Housing at Duke Law

Most Duke law students live off campus in privately owned apartment complexes, but the University does maintain furnished, well-equipped apartments. Many of the apartment complexes have swimming pools, exercise rooms, tennis courts, clubhouses, and running trails. Two bedroom apartments tend to range in price from $600 to $1,200 per month. Furniture can be rented or purchased at a very reasonable cost. Students usually try to buy a used car for transportation in Durham and surrounding areas. Public transportation is not readily available, however, Duke provides an on-campus bus service as well as a ride-home service at night.

Students with families are especially comfortable at Duke. There are very good child care facilities, an active program for spouses at the University’s International House, and the opportunity for accompanying persons to take classes in English and other subjects at a local community college. The ease of life in the Durham area and the friendliness and hospitality of its population are quickly noted by Duke’s international students.

Each year Duke Community Housing surveys graduate and professional students about their off-campus living experiences. Survey results can be found at Duke Community Housing and include student reviews of different apartment complexes as well as neighborhoods.


Duke University maintains data on a number of different childcare options in the area. For more information visit Child & Family Benefits.

Advice from Duke Law Students

The Duke Bar Association (DBA) has created a guide called De Novo that includes additional information on housing, shopping, Durham, and more.

Visit De Novo