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Students admitted to the JD/MD program typically complete both degrees in six years, beginning their studies in the School of Medicine. As in the regular MD program, the first year is devoted to the basic medical sciences and the second year is devoted to the basic clinical disciplines. After those two years, the student enrolls in the Law School, taking the prescribed first-year courses. After completing seventy-two credits in the Law School, the student returns to the Medical School for elective clinical work tailored to the student's specialized interests. The student will complete eighteen additional semester hours (two summer sessions) of basic science work.

Doctor of Medicine

From beginning to end, Duke's MD curriculum is surprisingly different than that of other medical schools. Students study basic science for one year instead of two. They care for patients a full year earlier than their peers across the nation. They devote an entire year to independent scholarship -- something most medical students have to carve out of their summers or add a year to their studies to do.

Medicine and Health Care at Duke

Candidates for the JD/MD dual degree apply separately to Duke Law School and the School of Medicine. Each school will complete its normal application review process, and you will receive a separate decision for each degree.

Because JD/MD students spend their first two years at Duke completing the initial curriculum of the School of Medicine, you may submit your JD application concurrently with your MD application, or during the fall of your first or second year of medical study.

If you are admitted to the Law School, but will not begin your legal studies that year, please let us know as soon as possible so that we can manage our class appropriately.