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When do you expect to make offers of admission from the waiting list? How many people do you expect to admit?

The number and timing of admission offers to waitlist candidates is unpredictable from year to year. It depends on what choices applicants currently admitted to Duke (and to other schools) make, and when they make them.

Applicants who have been admitted to Duke's JD program have until April 26, 2024 to make their tuition deposit and confirm their intent to enroll at Duke. By early May, we expect to have a better sense of how the class is shaping up. At that time, it's possible that we may be able to offer admission to some of the people on our waiting list. (Check this page for updates.) Whether or not we are able to admit people at that point, we will maintain an active waiting list throughout the rest of the summer, since we know that some of the people who have committed to attend may change their plans. If this happens in sufficient numbers, we would be able to admit additional waitlist candidates, a few at a time, at unpredictable points through the summer. Although we would hope not to make last-minute offers of admission, it does happen in some years that there are late withdrawals from the class (or even orientation no-shows), and we are able to admit people who we know are still interested and able to attend.

How many people are on the waiting list?

We initially offer a spot on the waiting list to several hundred people. Many of these will accept this offer, at least initially. As time passes, some of them will notify us that they no longer wish to be considered for admission. We may reduce the size of the waitlist at some point during the summer once we have a better sense of what our class looks like, and how many offers of admission we are realistically likely to make. By the end of the summer, the number of people who we are seriously considering and who are still interested and able to come at the last minute is fairly small.

Is the waiting list ranked? How do you choose who to admit from the waiting list? What can I do to improve my chances?

Our waiting list is not ranked. If we determine that we are able to admit people from our waitlist, we will conduct a review of all remaining candidates in light of the makeup of the class.. We are particularly interested in people who seem enthusiastic about Duke and eager to enroll. Please feel free to update your application with additional information about your interest in Duke (e-mail to Even if you don't have specific information to add to your file, it's worthwhile to check in with us periodically so we know you're still interested.

How should I let you know about my continued interest? How often should I be in contact?

You can send any additional information for your file, whether specific substantive updates (to your resume or transcript, for instance) or general expressions of interest, by email to If you are on the waiting list later into the summer, it's not a bad idea to check in periodically (weekly isn't necessary but every 3-4 weeks isn't out of line). We will periodically send an email asking you to confirm your interest in remaining on the waiting list by completing an online form.

What if I am admitted from the waiting list? How will I be notified?

Depending on the number of seats we have available and the timing of this availability, we may make a round of initial phone/e-mail contact to a small number of candidates to invite additional expressions of interest. When an offer of admission is made, we will e-mail notification and overnight an admission packet. If you will be traveling during the summer, please keep us updated on the best way to reach you quickly.

Will financial aid be available to people admitted from the waiting list?

It depends on the state of our scholarship budget when we are able to make additional offers of admission. If we can provide financial support, we're happy to do so, but it's not always possible, or may be at a reduced level.

May I defer an offer of admission from the waiting list?

No. When we are admitting people from the waiting list, it is because we have a seat available in this year's class.