Prospective Students

Our mission at Duke Law School is for every graduate to launch his or her career with the right job - not just any job. Almost all of our graduates are typically engaged in careers of their choosing when they graduate or shortly thereafter and we have one of the strongest employment records among U.S. law schools.

The combined efforts of our Career Center staff, school faculty, alumni, and even your fellow students will play an integral part in helping you shape your career path. It is a firmly held belief within Duke Law School that the alignment of personal values and professional aspirations create the foundation for a meaningful career. Our aim is for each student to leave Duke Law with professional opportunities that match his or her unique values and goals, and with the skills and tools to capitalize on future opportunities. We structure the pursuit of the "right" job into three broad steps and collaborate with our students to help them execute each step:

  1. Learn about your own strengths and values
    • ENGAGE in the Law School beyond the classroom
    • SERVE the community and learn about yourself
    • RISK trying something new, and develop new skills for the future
  2. Learn about the universe of jobs and careers
    • ASK questions to which you don't know the answer
    • BUILD relationships with professors, classmates & alumni
    • TAKE ADVANTAGE of the opportunities Duke brings to you
  3. Match your strengths and values with a corresponding position in the job world

The staff in the Law School's Career Center works hard to keep you abreast of the latest hiring trends and professional standards and NALP guidelines, and will conduct one-on-one counseling sessions with every incoming first-year student. We also provide programming throughout the year to help you make informed decisions about both your career path and the lifestyle anticipated by your choice.

We understand that a lot goes into selecting the best law school to fit your needs and hope that you find the information contained on our site helpful. As you browse, you will find information about where our most recent first-year law students worked and what salaries can be expected in particular markets. There is also a "snapshot" view of the other career planning activities and information that you will receive during your time at Duke Law. You can also learn more about our experienced attorney-counselors and staff in the About Us section. Please note that some sections of our site are password protected and available only to current students.

We also welcome the opportunity to talk with you during a personal tour of the Law School. Please contact the Admissions office for tour information and be sure to mention that you would like to speak to someone from the Career Center during your visit.