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The interview process at Duke Law School is facilitated by Symplicity, a web-based recruiting system and job bank used for OCI, Pre-OCI Resume Collects and job postings. See below for instructions on how to access Symplicity to post jobs and register for interview programs. If you have questions or need assistance with your Symplicity account, please contact Susan Anderson.

Job Postings

Duke Law CPDC uses the Jobs Postings module in Symplicity for private sector postings for current students throughout the academic year, for government and public interest opportunities of all types year-round, and for private sector postings for alumni year-round. To post under the Jobs Postings module:

  1. Log onto
  2. Enter your Duke Law Symplicity User ID and password Click “Jobs Postings” in the left menu.
  3. Select the “Job Postings sub-tab and click the “add new” button.
  4. Complete the form and click “Submit”

Please note that jobs for 1L students must be set to open no earlier than our 1L access date each year, which is typically in late October. More information on meeting and recruiting first-year students can be found in our Recruiting Policies and Guidelines.


1L Fellowships:

Please send your 1L fellowship information via email to Susan Anderson for posting. You may also reach out directly to student organization leaders to encourage applications. Employers with 1L DEI or similar fellowship programs are also invited to meet our 1L students at Sharing Our Affinities, an in-person networking event each fall. Please contact Jasminka Vujic for more information on event details and employer registration for Sharing our Affinities.


2L Fellowships:

During the summer recruiting season, employers may promote 2L fellowship opportunities as part of their 2L Summer Associate postings via the Pre-OCI Resume Collect Program and OCI Segment I. If a fellowship opportunity requires a separate application process, you may post the information for that application process in the “Position Description” section of the resume collect or OCI posting. Employers may also reach out directly to student organization leaders to share fellowship information and encourage applications. If you have any questions about promoting 2L fellowships, please contact Susan Anderson.

Pre-OCI Resume Collect Program (Rising 2L / Rising 3L)

During the Summer Recruiting season (June-July), private sector positions for rising 2Ls and rising 3Ls are not posted under the “Job Postings” tab in Symplicity, but instead are posted and promoted to students either via the Pre-OCI Resume Collect Program or via OCI Segment I (*see note below posting rising 2L positions for the 1L class prior to June each year). 2024 Registration for both of these programs will open at 12pm (noon) ET on March 11. Our Pre-OCI Resume Collect Program is designed to provide maximum flexibility to match the diverse hiring timelines of different employers and offices, with student application deadlines available in June and July. Employers will contact applicants directly to arrange interviews at their mutual convenience throughout the summer.

Employers may set up Pre-OCI Resume Collect postings to receive applications in one packet on the session deadline (“accumulate online”), or may opt to have students apply directly on a rolling basis via email or the employer website (“direct send”). Pre-OCI Resume Collect postings will be viewable to students in early May. Spring semester grades are expected to be available prior to the first application deadline in early June.

*Private sector employers opting to accept rising 2L applications from the 1L class prior to June of the 1L year may submit postings under the “Job Postings” tab to be viewable to students during the spring semester. Please make sure these postings are clearly marked with the relevant start date, e.g. “2025 2L Summer Associate.”

Private sector employers preferring a later hiring timeline for 2Ls and 3Ls may opt to post positions at any point during the academic year (August – May) via the Jobs Tab in Symplicity in lieu of participation in the Pre-OCI Resume Collect Program or OCI Segment I. They may also consider participation in OCI Segment II.

Post-OCI Resume Books

Employers that participated in the Pre-OCI Resume Collect Program or in OCI Segment I that would like to see additional candidates for hiring needs may reach out to Erin Biggerstaff from August 5 – 30 for tailored, efficient outreach to our students via our counseling team.