Clinical Faculty

  • James Coleman

    James E. Coleman, Jr.

    John S. Bradway Professor of the Practice of Law; Director, Center for Criminal Justice and Professional Responsibility; Co-Director, Wrongful Convictions Clinic
    Phone: 919-613-7057
  • Jamie T. Lau portrait

    Jamie T. Lau

    Associate Clinical Professor of Law; Supervising Attorney, Center for Criminal Justice and Professional Responsibility
    Phone: 919-613-7764
  • Nicole Ligon

    Nicole Ligon

    Lecturing Fellow; Clinic Supervising Attorney
    Phone: 919-613-7470
  • Ryke Longest

    Ryke Longest

    Clinical Professor of Law; Director, Environmental Law and Policy Clinic; Clinical Professor of Environmental Sciences and Policy
    Phone: 919-613-7207