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The academic dress for recipients of law degrees consists of a black gown with purple velvet on the front (signifying the law degree), a black tam, a purple tassel, and a hood.  The hood is a type of elongated scarf worn over the shoulders. The border is purple velvet—again, to signify the law degree—and the lining is blue and white satin, representing Duke University.

How to Order

  • Regalia for all graduating students, including JD, International LLM, and LLMLE students may be ordered online here. You must complete this order form for your regalia.
  • All graduating students (JD, International LLM, LLM-LE) will wear rental apparel. The rental fee is $70, plus tax, which includes the gown, tam, tassel, and hood
  • Please make sure you choose "doctoral" apparel and mark 'yes' for both the hood and tam.
  • All students must place their regalia orders by Monday, April 12, 2021. You must fill out this online form even if you do not attend graduation. There is a place to indicate you will not be attending and no apparel will be ordered for you. 
  • You will also need to provide your height, in feet and inches, when making your order. Tams are one size fits all.


  • The gowns, caps and hoods worn during Graduation are rented and must be returned. However, if you’d like to purchase any piece of the graduation regalia to keep, contact the Duke University Store to order unused items. The cost to purchase a hood is $150, a tam, $85, a doctoral gown, $575. To purchase any or all pieces, please contact Patti Silver in the Duke Bookstore at (919) 684-0060. The deadline to purchase regalia is Monday, April 12, 2021


  • Students will be able to pick up their regalia Monday, May 3 through Friday, May 7. Detailed instructions on how to reserve a pick-up time slot will be emailed. 


  • Underneath the gown: Business casual dress is recommended. Men should wear shirts and ties. Be careful with your choice of shoes! You have to walk up and down stairs at Cameron to get on stage at the Law School Convocation.
  • Tam: The tam should be worn flat (with the square parallel to the ground) so that the tassel can fall straight down the side of the face. (See picture with mortarboard example.) The tassel should be worn to the right side before you receive your degree, after which time it can be moved to the left. (Degrees are not officially conferred until the University Graduation Exercises.)
  • Hood: The hood is put on over the head with the tapered end in front and the velvet side up. The string loop may be fastened to a shirt/blouse button to eliminate the velvet from rubbing uncomfortably on the neck, and to keep the hood from sliding off of the shoulders. Turn the lining colors out in the back of the hood. The back of the hood has a cord and button to prevent the hood from slipping off the shoulders.
  • If you’re receiving a second, non-law degree (e.g. MD, PhD, MBA): It is improper to wear two hoods at the same time. At the Law School Convocation, you should wear your law gown and tassel. If you so choose, you may drape the hood for your other degree over your left arm.  For the University Commencement Exercises, you should wear the full academic apparel (gown, hood, and tassel) of the degree with which you choose to sit. You may drape the hood for the other degree over your left arm and stand a second time when that degree is called during the ceremony.


  • You will return your Regalia to the same location where you picked it up. Times will be announced soon.
  • Gowns, tams and hoods must all be returned. Make sure to bring the yellow receipt with you when returning the items. You may keep your tassel.