LEAD Fellows

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What are LEAD Fellows?

A LEAD Fellow’s first responsibility is to serve as an orientation leader for a small group of 10-12 first-year students during LEAD Week. Throughout the remainder of the year, we expect LEAD Fellows to serve as advisers to their LEAD groups on aspects particular to beginning studies at Duke Law School. Each LEAD Fellow will be responsible for corresponding at least once a month with members of their group and planning small group interactions twice or more during the year. A budget will be made available to each LEAD Fellow for group interactions.

When is LEAD Week?

LEAD Week 2024 will be Tuesday, August 20 to Friday, August 23. We ask that you plan your return to Durham so that you are able to attend the mandatory LEAD Fellow training program just before the start of LEAD Week. 

Why are they called LEAD Fellows?

We adopted the name LEAD Fellows not only to be consistent with LEAD Week and the Duke Law Blueprint, but also to highlight the expectations we have for our LEAD Fellows beyond LEAD Week. A successful LEAD Fellow will continue to lead the students in his or her orientation group by offering guidance and creating opportunities for the group to continue to meet throughout the students' first year. The name also demonstrates Duke Law's commitment to enhance the leadership opportunities and experiences available to the upper-class students who are selected to be LEAD Fellows.

How can I apply to be a LEAD Fellow?

LEAD Fellow applications must be completed by Friday, May 17, 2024.