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  1. Each student desiring a locker must sign up for one at the beginning of EACH academic year through the Office of Student Affairs' online form. Locker sign-up is on a first come, first served basis. 
  2. Failure to sign up with the Office of Student Affairs before occupying a locker will result in the cutting of your lock and removal of locker contents.
  3. There are three sizes of lockers: single, half and full. Except in special cases approved by the Office of Student Affairs, all half-lockers will be assigned two students and all full lockers will be assigned three students. Occupancy will vary with school enrollment.
  4. Students must purchase their own locks. The Law School is not responsible for any items stolen from lockers. You must disclose your lock combination to your locker partner(s).
  5. No illegal substances or weapons of any kind will be stored in lockers.
  6. Students may install "locker lofts" or other organizational devices as long as a) all students sharing the locker agree on the device, and b) neither construction nor removal of the device alters the existing structure of the locker. These devices must be removed at the end of your locker commitment. 
  7. Student must vacate locker by the publicized date for locker clean-out.
  8. All lockers are the property of the Law School. Although the school respects the privacy of locker occupants, it may sometimes be necessary for the building manager to cut the occupants' lock if an occupant is in violation of locker policies.

If you have any questions about lockers, please contact Student Affairs.