2024-25 Policies for Student Organization Sponsored Events and 1L Recruiting Related Events Involving Employers

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These Policies are designed to provide first-year students periods to focus on the fundamentals of law school study and on establishing the critical thinking ability so highly prized of legal professionals while building meaningful relationships with members of the Duke community. Duke Law School welcomes and encourages employers and other organizations to collaborate with student organizations and with each other to expand students’ law school learning through educational programs focused on professional development and the practice of law as provided below.  Thank you for following these Policies and supporting first-year students in their law school and professional journey.

  1. Duke Law School's Policies with respect to employer involvement in student organization sponsored or cosponsored events are:
    1. Unless otherwise invited by Law School faculty or staff, on-campus events for 1L students that feature a single employer may not take place until October 1.
    2. Events that may be scheduled on-campus as of October 1 include:
      1. Student organization sponsored or cosponsored (“Student Sponsored”) events featuring a single employer during the Lunch Hour on Fridays. Such events may not take place during the Lunch Hour, Monday-Thursday.
      2. Single employer hosted events at other times during the day, seven days a week, if invited by a student organization, or Law School faculty or staff.
      3. Student Sponsored, evening events in which a single employer is participating.
      4. Student Sponsored, education-focused on-campus events featuring more than one employer on any weekday during the Lunch Hour, e.g., for a discussion of a particular practice area or city. These may take place prior to October 1, as well.
    3. In no event may more than four Student Sponsored events be scheduled during a single Lunch Hour, Monday – Thursday. (Executive board and committee meetings that have 15 students or fewer do not count toward this 4-event limit.)
  2. Duke Law School's Policies with respect to 1L related events, not sponsored or cosponsored by student organizations are:
    1. As of October 1, employers may independently host evening or weekend events off-campus.
    2. Employers may not promote such 1L recruiting related events prior to October 1.

The Academic Calendar is available for reference.

The Lunch Hour for 2024-25 is 12:30-1:30 PM.