Posting Notices

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This policy has been implemented to clarify procedures for the posting of law-related signs, posters, and other notices in the law school building.

The following guidelines are procedural in nature, and should be observed by all who post notices in the law school.

  • Students may post any kind of notice on the bulletin board over the student folders on 2nd floor. Examples include rental notices, club notices, sale items, etc.
  • A club or other organization may post signs and notices on the bulletin board allotted to that group by the DBA. Club/organizational bulletin boards are located on level 2 near the locker room. The clubs' officers may remove any "foreign" posters from their bulletin boards and are responsible for keeping their own notices current. Over the summer, all notices are removed.
  • Directional signage for events in the building should be placed on an easel and set up near elevators and loggias, providing there's plenty of clearance for others to pass through.
  • Posters may not be affixed to walls, (granite or painted surfaces), lockers or metal surfaces, doors or wood of any kind, restroom stall doors, or elevators due to the maintenance, damage, and litter problems that result.
  • Posters may not be affixed to the acoustical panels or markerboards located in any of our classrooms.