Style Guide for Journals in Wordpress

Main Content

Requirements for making significant changes* to a journal site in Wordpress:

  1. The Duke Law logo must continue to be prominently displayed.
    • The logo must be located in upper half of the main page design. That is, viewable when the page is first loaded on a regular screen.
    • Hi-resolution logo image files should be obtained from the Communications Office.
  2. The journal site must continue to be linked to the Duke Law School website.
  3. The journal site must continue to be linked to the main journal page on the Duke Law School website.
  4. A search bar must be incorporated into the design.
  5. The journal site must use a color palette that harmonizes with the Duke Law School website. The Duke Law website will soon be using a new color palette.
  6. The following pages or links are required to remain on the site:
    • Current Issue (Table of Contents)
    • Archive
    • Subscribe
    • Guidelines
    • Author Agreement
    • Permissions
    • About Us
      • Contact
      • Masthead
  7. All new designs will be reviewed by the Web & Communications Committee

* Significant changes include changes to design or interface. New content, page creation, or changes within a current template may not require additional requirements or approval.

Revised 05/01/14