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Duke Law is a leader in electronic publishing of legal scholarship and is actively involved in efforts to promote open access to legal information. We continue to make our journals widely accessible electronically and to give authors the ability to disseminate published articles.

We are proud to publish outstanding student-run journals that feature innovative articles by law professors and legal scholars from across the country and around the world.

Alaska Law Review

The Alaska Law Review examines legal issues affecting the state of Alaska. The student-edited journal has been published at Duke Law School under the sponsorship of the Alaska Bar Association since 1984. Its "Year-in-Review" blog consists of short summaries of significant court decisions regarding Alaska from the federal and state courts.

Duke Environmental Law & Policy Forum

The Duke Environmental Law & Policy Forum is a student-edited publication of Duke Law School which examines environmental issues from legal, scientific, economic, and public policy perspectives. In addition to the Law School, DELPF is affiliated with Duke's Nicholas School for the Environment and Sanford School for Public Policy.

Duke Journal of Comparative & International Law

Published since 1990, the Duke Journal of Comparative & International Law is a student-edited publication of Duke Law School which features articles from prominent international scholars and practitioners focusing on issues of comparative and international law. In addition to its staff of JD students, every year the journal also takes on as staff editors several international practitioners enrolled in the Duke LLM program for international law graduates.

Duke Journal of Constitutional Law & Public Policy

The student-edited Duke Journal of Constitutional Law & Public Policy examines legal issues at the intersection of constitutional litigation and public policy. Published at Duke Law School since 2006, DJCLPP is aimed at practitioners, judges, and legislators confronting new constitutional issues, and the constitutional and policy dimensions of court decisions and legislation.

Duke Law & Technology Review

The Duke Law & Technology Review is a student-edited online publication of Duke Law School that has been published since 2001 and is devoted to examining the evolving intersection of law and technology. In addition to traditional journal articles, DLTR publishes short, direct, and accessible "issue briefs," or "iBriefs," intended to provide cutting-edge insight to lawyers and non-legal professionals.

Duke Law Journal

The Duke Law Journal is a student-edited publication of the Duke Law School, committed to publishing legal writing of superior quality. Started in 1951 as the Duke Bar Journal, DLJ publishes eight issues each year. Since 1969, it has published an annual Administrative Law Symposium issue.

Law and Contemporary Problems

Law and Contemporary Problems is a quarterly, interdisciplinary publication of Duke Law School which began publication in 1933. Using a symposium format and focusing each issue on a topic of contemporary concern, L&CP publishes articles of value from all disciplines, the study of which contributes to the development of law.

Duke Journal of Gender Law & Policy (1994–2020)

The Duke Journal of Gender Law & Policy was a student-edited interdisciplinary publication of Duke Law School devoted to discussions of gender, sexuality, race, and class issues in the context of law and public policy. DJGLP concluded publication in 2020 with a twenty-fifth anniversary issue.

Duke Forum for Law & Social Change (2009–2017)

The Duke Forum for Law & Social Change was a student-edited publication featuring contributions from its annual symposium. Beyond publication, the Forum strove to provide a meaningful arena within the Duke Law community for ongoing discussion of social change and related issues.


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Journal of Law and the Biosciences
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The Journal of Law and the Biosciences (JLB) is the first fully open access, peer-reviewed, legal journal focused on the advances at the intersection of law and the biosciences. A co-venture between Duke Law School, together with the Science & Society initiative, Harvard Law School and Stanford University, and published by Oxford University Press, this online interdisciplinary academic journal publishes cutting-edge scholarship in this important new field. Duke Law's Nita Farahany, professor of law, philosophy and genome sciences & policy, is one of three co-editors.