Religious Accommodations

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Students who require course or exam adjustments in order to observe Ramadan or to attend to other religious obligations may request accommodations from the Office of Student Affairs. We would like to understand your specific needs, so please provide us with information about how your religious obligations conflict with your class or exam responsibilities and what might be helpful to alleviate the conflict. If you are unsure about what adjustments would be helpful, we can discuss your needs to determine the right accommodation for you.  Examples of exam accommodations that may be considered are:

  • Shift the start time of an exam so that you can begin earlier in the morning
  • Extend the 24 hour window during which an exam must be completed if it is best for you to begin in the late evening or early morning hours
  • Divide a lengthy exam, if the format permits, in order to take it over two days
  • Extend the exam time to account for the amount of time you spend in prayer and religious observance

These are a few examples of possible adjustments, but we will want to tailor the accommodations to your individual needs.  Once you have submitted a request, we will contact you to discuss your personal situation.