JD/Master in Global Business Law

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Duke Law School and Institut d'Etudes Politiques de Paris (known as "Sciences Po"), offer a JD/Master in Global Business Law degree. This dual degree program allows students to receive both the JD and the Master of Laws (M2) after three years of study. The Master of Laws is a French national law degree that entitles students to sit for the French Bar exam. Students in the JD/Master in Global Business Law program spend two years at Duke and a third year studying in Paris.  Students enrolled in a JD/LLM or other dual degree program can apply for the JD/Master, but cannot receive all three degrees in three years' time.  Such students will need to return to Duke for a semester or two in order to complete the LLM (or other degree) requirements.

The aim of this highly selective, multi-disciplinary and international program in Global Business Law is to provide in-depth analysis of the issues involved in the global market, with a European perspective. The program is specially designed for a small group of advanced students of law and political science from Europe and the United States.

Students may apply to participate after they have completed two years at Duke Law School. In exceptional cases, students may participate after completing the first year at Duke Law School.

Please complete the application and return it to the Director of Academic Advising James Lambert (, along with a resume, a copy of your transcript, and a one-page “statement of intent” detailing why you wish to enroll in the JD/Master program.

Application Deadline

The application is due October 30.

An administrative committee will review your file, and you will be notified whether or not you have been selected to participate in the program.  Students selected for the program will also be required to complete and submit application information required by Sciences Po and will need to be admitted by Sciences Po. Once notified of acceptance by Sciences Po, students within one week must submit a letter in writing stating that they will enroll in and attend the JD/Master program.