Judicial Administration/ Judicial Process Roundtable

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Friday, December 14
Room 3000 | ALL DAY

Duke Law School

Welcome to Duke Law School’s Judicial Administration / Judicial Process Roundtable!

We will be bringing together a wonderful group of scholars whose work touches on judicial decision-making, institutional design of courts, and the federal courts more broadly.  Our group discussion will take place on Friday, December 14th, and will be focused on several proposed works and works-in-progress. 

We look forward to seeing everyone at Duke soon for a fun and engaging discussion!

Roundtable Papers

Roundtable Agenda


Deborah Beim (Yale Political Science Department)

Stuart Benjamin (Duke Law School)

Pamela Bookman (Temple Law School)

Josh Chafetz (Cornell Law School)

Zach Clopton (Cornell Law School)

Michael Coenen (Seton Hall Law School)

Andrew Crespo (Harvard Law School)

Erin Delaney (Northwestern Law School)

Dan Epps (Washington University in St. Louis Law School)

Barry Friedman (NYU Law School)

Tracey George (Vanderbilt Law School)

Tara Leigh Grove (William & Mary Law School)

Mitu Gulati (Duke Law School)

Alli Orr Larsen (William & Mary Law School)

Maggie Lemos (Duke Law School)

Marin K. Levy (Duke Law School)

Tejas Narechania (Berkeley Law School)

Anne Joseph O'Connell (Stanford Law School)

Richard Re (UCLA Law School)

Stephen Sachs (Duke Law School)

Albert Yoon (University of Toronto Law School)