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The Events Office works to support all Law School community members in producing high-quality, cost-effective events. Below are guidelines for determining what type of event you need to plan and how to go about doing so. Please also review the links in the sidebar of this page for more information and advice on planning events.

Are you planning a meeting? Meetings are gatherings of people that DO NOT require assistance from another department or vendor (such as housekeeping, catering, audio/visual support, etc.).

Are you planning an event? Events are gatherings that DO require assistance from another department or vendor (i.e., you need extra tables or trash cans, you need Instructional Technologies Consulting to record the event, or you are ordering food). Any event serving alcohol must have approval from the Events Office and a Duke security officer hired by the event host.

Once you have reviewed the Law School Master Calendar to select a date, you can submit an EVENT REQUEST FORM.

Completing this form allows the Events Office to review and process your room request and advise you of any potential conflicts.

Your event is not confirmed until you receive an e-mail confirmation from the Events Office. Do not confirm your speakers or advertise your event until you have received confirmation from the Events Office.

Is your event part of a class? Additional classes, make-up classes, or changes to existing class schedules can be made by faculty and/or staff with an Outlook calendar meeting request and will be accepted by the Registrar’s Office; please make sure you copy when creating Outlook requests.

Are you from outside the Law School? Professional Duke University groups from outside the Law School may request space in the Law School. However, space is limited and will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis only. External requests should be directed to the Events Office at or (919) 613-8548. PLEASE NOTE: you must use a Law School approved caterer.  If the event is taking place outside of normal business hours (M-F, 8am-5pm), the event host must hire Duke Security for the duration of the event. Housekeeping fees may apply.

NOTE: No events will be scheduled that conflict with a Law School-sponsored annual event such as Admitted Students Open House, Reunion, Leadership and Named Lectures (Bernstein, Currie, Lange, Wilson, and Lawyers and Leaders). Events that may conflict with events hosted by the Dean’s Office may also be declined so please check with the Events Office first, before inviting guest speakers.

Also, only one conference/symposium will be scheduled on any given day. During the academic year, these events can only be scheduled on Friday, Saturday and/or Sunday.

Summer event requests will follow the same policies and procedures as during the academic year. However, all day or multiple day conferences/symposiums may be scheduled Monday – Sunday.

Scheduling a Meeting

Faculty and staff may send an Outlook calendar meeting item to request a room reservation for meetings. Your Outlook request will be reviewed and accepted by the Events Office; please do not consider your appointment confirmed until it is accepted through Outlook. Students must use the Student Meeting Request Form to schedule meetings. You should reserve the room prior to inviting attendees.

Scheduling an Event

Once you have reviewed the Law School Event Calendar to make sure there are no conflicts and consulted the Interfaith Holiday Calendar on Duke Medicine's website for conflicting religious or cultural observances, you will submit an Event Request Form. Completing this form allows the Events Office to review your room request and advise you of any potential conflicts for your event.

The event will also be posted to the Duke Law Calendar at this time. Please make sure your calendar description is complete, including who is sponsoring and who to contact for more information. Planners do not need to have all event details confirmed prior to completing a Event Request Form; additional information may be submitted directly to the Events Office at for posting to the calendar.

After your event has been confirmed by the Events Office, you MUST complete the Event Manager Questionnaire in the appropriate time frame. This form gathers information about specific needs relating to housekeeping, catering, audio-visual support, etc., and submits your requests to those various departments. This form also helps the Events Office track your requests and ensure you get the support you need. Questionnaires must be submitted no less than 10 days and no more than 14 days prior to the event date.

Alcohol Policy

No alcohol may be brought in from the outside and served on property. All alcohol service (only beer and wine is permitted) must be provided and served by our approved in-house caterer, Southern Harvest. Please contact the Events Office if you plan to serve alcohol at your event. A Duke police officer is required (at the hosts expense) for any event serving alcohol. No exceptions will be made regarding alcohol.


Request security using this link: Event Security Request Form. If you have any problems please email Cpt. Shannan Tiffin, Emergency Management/Support Services Commander, Duke University Police Department at for assistance.



Duke Flyer is a system that allows you to upload promotional posters or flyers that will then be displayed on the Law School’s internal screens. These screens are mounted outside Star Commons, at the 3rd Floor entrance, and on the 3rd and 4th Floor loggias.


Please check the copyright of all images and graphics used for advertising events.

  • Wikimedia: All images are free to use!
  • Google Advanced Image Search: Free images can be found from the advanced search. Under "Usage Rights", select one of the options for free use.
  • Flickr: Some images are free to use, however they fall under a Creative Commons license for usage. Some restrict image editing, while others require a photographer attribute. Check the license of each image before usage. A Yahoo account is required to sign up. 
  • iStock: The image search can be used without an account and membership is free, however images can only be obtained via a paid/credit system. A large volume of stock royalty-free photos and graphics are available, including those from Getty Images.


Contact the Communications Office for questions about logos, templates, or graphics.

Please contact the Events Office for guidance as you plan your event! We are happy to help you select an appropriate room, review the calendar for potential conflicts, select vendors, or troubleshoot any issues that may arise.