Advocating for Trans and Nonbinary Athletes In The Capital and In The Courtroom

November 15, 2021 • 12:30 PM • Law School 3043

Join Jess Braverman, Legal Director of Gender Justice, and Heron Greenesmith, Senior Research Analyst with Political Research Associates for a discussion about the unprecedented onslaught of bills targeting trans youth in state capitals around the country. Focusing in on the details of bills targeting trans student athletes, we'll discuss what is in these bills, who is promoting them, and we'll also interrogate some of the common talking points used in support of these bills. In addition, we will discuss ongoing litigation and legal protections for trans and nonbinary athletes in the U.S. This discussion is part of the Series on the Regulation of Gender and Sport. Sponsored by the National Lawyers Guild and OutLaw. Register here: For more information or a zoom option, please contact Claudia Benz at