Afghanistan: The Next Phase

February 26, 2014 • 12:00 PM • John Hope Franklin Center 240
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As the campaign season ramps up ahead of April's presidential elections in Afghanistan, a panel of experts will assess the political, security, and humanitarian situation; the U.S. relationship with Afghanistan; and the overall implications of the planned pullout of troops later in 2014. Wall Street Journal reporter Nathan Hodge, based in Kabul, will update the panel and audience with the latest news from Afghanistan (via Skype). Jayne Huckerby, Associate Clinical Professor of Law at Duke, most recently a human rights adviser to UN Women, will discuss the issues around the rollback of women's rights prior to the U.S. withdrawal and the failure of the international community to address this. Emeritus Professor of Religion Bruce Lawrence, who's been following developments in Afghanistan since the 1970s, will moderate the discussion and give his insights into Afghan's future.